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Admission Policy & Parent Agreement

1.1 Competitive admissions. As admission is competitive, preference is given to the most academically capable students.

1.2 PRC regulations. In compliance with Chinese government regulations, WISS can only accept applications from foreign passport holders or residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Applications can also be received by any Chinese passport holder who has one or both parents holding a foreign passport, green card or being resident from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

1.3 Guardianship. Local government requirements in regard to proper guardianship of students mean that WISS may accept students who are: a) resident with at least one parent, or b) resident with an approved guardian (with power of attorney). Students are not permitted, under local regulations, to be under the supervision of non-resident guardians. Students who are not living with at least one parent or authorized guardian cannot be enrolled at WISS.

1.4 School capacity and class size. Admissions will be granted according to enrolment limits which ensure that standards of excellence will be maintained

1.5 English fluency. Students applying to WISS will be evaluated for English speaking, reading, and writing ability. As the school wishes to maintain an environment where English is the primary language of academic instruction, preference is given to those students who are most functional or have the greatest potential to be functional at their grade level in English. All entering Secondary students not having English as their native language must, as a minimum, be at a level from which they can work to complete the IB Subsidiary English B program by graduation, along with self-taught study of their mother tongue language

1.6 Special needs. Parents of students who have special needs will need to consult with WISS to ensure the school has resources available to serve their child before applying for admission or arriving in shanghai. Students admitted to WISS must be able to function within the regular classroom setting and be able to work towards the successful completion of WISS academic requirements. It is important to note that we do not have a specialist unit to deal with more serious learning difficulties and those physical difficulties which would mean a student could not access the curriculum. if your child has such difficulties, this could result in the withdrawal of the offer of a place. WISS has elevator access and wheelchair accessibility, but we are not able to accept students with very severe difficulties due to the nature of our programme. We do have learning support teachers, but we do not have the facilities or faculty required to educate children with severe learning or physical challenges such as:
• emotional / behavioural disorders
• autism
• mental disorders
• communicative disorders / aphasia
• severe physical disability making normal class work too great a challenge

WISS has a dynamic teaching environment where all staff members are trained in our IB programmes. For this reason we will not be able to admit students who need another adult / care-provider in the room for extended periods of time.

If a severe learning problem is diagnosed or presents itself after enrolment, the Director will decide what is in the best interest of the child. This will usually mean supporting the child and parents until a more suitable educational environment can be found.

1.7 Age. A child must be three years old by September 1st of the year entering the Nursery school program; four years old by September 1st of the year entering Pre-Kindergarten; five years old by September 1st of the year entering kindergarten; and six years old by September 1st of the year entering first grade. WISS, in the admission process will always take into account the country of origin, the educational system from which the student comes, and the student’s past performance in that system to determine the Grade placement.

Application Conditions

2.1 Admissions and placement tests and visit days may be required as part of the admission process.

2.2. Students who have not completed a full year in the previous grade by the fall entrance date might be required to
repeat the previous year’s grade.

2.3. Parents will be notified by phone, fax, or email when admission testing is required. For parents in other countries it will be their responsibility to find a secure test site, such as current school

2.4. It will be the responsibility of applying families to see that reference forms are returned to the school in a timely and confidential manner. The application cannot be processed until all forms and documents are rendered and application fees paid.

2.5. Admission decisions are made by the WISS administration. The WISS admission staff will not give feedback on applications until instructed to do so by the director. Any judgments of the applicant inadvertently or conversationally rendered by the admission staff are not binding.

2.6. Any misreported or unreported information in this application may result in the student’s being rejected or, if already accepted, being asked to withdraw. Documents submitted with this application will not be returned.

2.7. Photos of students may appear in school publications, newspaper and other advertisements, brochures, and on the website. Students might also be used as subjects for articles, and asked to write articles. On occasion, the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) conducts photographic and video shoots for the purposes of marketing and promotion of the school, its facilities and its educational programmes. These shots are used for this purpose only and, as such, we aim to protect the rights of our students and the rights of the school as an organization by ensuring that this material is never published out of context or to promote services, products or concepts of other organizations or companies unrelated to our core mission. WISS shall have the use of the likeness, portrait or pictures and biographical material for educational publicity and organizational promotional purposes. Your child’s participation confers on you no rights of usage, ownership or copyright. WISS reserves the right to make use of suitable images and is under no obligation to publish or use all or in any of the selected images.

2.8. WISS respects and is committed to protecting the privacy of our community. We recognize that our primary responsibility is to be a safe place for all our families, staff members, and friends – this extends to using information and images appropriately. Personal information, such as medical history, physical challenges, learning differences, family background, will only be used by authorized members of staff who need access to help those involved. Contact details will be kept confidential, except in those circumstances where parent groups are acting as part of our community for your support – such as our Welcoming Committee emailing you to help you settle in to WISS, or Social Committee asking you to join a fun event for your family, or our Education Committee asking you to complete a survey about school performance.

Please Note: We do ask that all families provide us with an email address to include in our school directory. You may decide if that email address is one specifically for this purpose, or the general address you give to the school. This will be used to help families arrange play dates and promote an even closer community.

Photos and videos taken of children and other members of our community will be used for the purposes of presenting the culture of our school both within and outside WISS. WISS reserves the right to use photographs and items of digital video depicting appropriate images of past and current members of our community for marketing purposes and retain those rights exclusively, though we are happy to provide copies for families as a souvenir. This also serves as a release for such images used by outside agencies which want to show our school life in the media.

In line with best practice, WISS will not share academic references with anyone outside the intended School, College, or University recipient. This is so recipients and referees have complete faith in our reference process. Signing this enrolment document confirms waiving the right of the family and the student to view academic references.

Parent Agreement

Parents/guardians agree:

1. To take an active role in their children’s education and in the life of the school.
This means talking to the child each day as well as listening to learn about personal and educational progress; helping when possible but not doing work for the child. Tutors and others should not do work for students.

2. To communicate regularly and in a polite, collegial manner with the school.
This means responding in a timely manner to school communications, attending all required school meetings and conferences, never behaving in an abusive or disrespectful way toward any school staff, and communicating any concerns to the teacher or school officials in a polite manner and at an appropriate time of day (before 8 pm unless an emergency).

3. To abide / comply by all current and future school rules and policies as determined by the board and the administration.
This means helping the child accept and live with consequences to mistakes or misbehaviour; helping the child acknowledge when he/she has been unsuccessful and focusing not on the faults of others but on ways to improve one’s own performance. The up to date Family Handbook can be obtained at the Admissions office or on the website: http:// ; the School Policy Document A: General Policies can be read on our website at or you may request a hard copy from the Admissions Office.

4. To take full responsibility for payment of fees as set forth in the Tuition & Payment Policy Document.
Even when fees are paid by a company or other organization, parents have the ultimate responsibility to insure that fees have been paid in a timely manner; otherwise, late payment penalties will be incurred.

5. To accept the schools Payment Terms & Conditions and the Withdrawal and Refund Policy – The student’s family/guardians agree to comply with and be subject to the Withdrawal and Refund Policies and the Payment Policy as set forth in the Tuition & Payment Policy Document (on website –

6. To give permission to WISS to contact their child’s previous school in order to obtain information relevant to the student’s application.

7. To inform the school if any given information in this application form changes.

8. To provide Health and accident insurance for your child – The undersigned will provide health and accident insurance for the student and agrees to indemnify the school and its personnel against liability for student accident or health to the extent not covered by school insurance. The undersigned, on behalf of themselves and the student, hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless WISS, its Board Members, Directors, Principals, Officers, Employees, and Agents from any and all claims and damages arising from the enrolment, attendance, participation, withdrawal or exclusion from WISS programmes of the child who is the subject of this Agreement, including but not limited to participation in school and after-school activities, trips, sports programmes and recess, and resulting in any manner from the child’s presence on WISS property.